How A Pessoa Training System Works

By Cornelia White
The pessoa system is a program that makes use of certain mechanism and techniques that would make the muscles of horses bigger and stronger so that they will be able to pull carriages. Now carriages are really heavy and sometimes may get even heavier when people ride in it. That is why this program was designed for the sole purpose of strengthening the pulling power of this animal.

Now to give people an overview on how this system works, it is best to know about some of the equipment that is being used here. First, there are the ropes that will be pulled by a pulley which is attached to what is known as lunge lines. These lunge lines are adjustable and one can adjust the difficulty level any time.

Of course there are steps to take in order to put these devices on the horse so that it will be ready for the training. Now to start, one has to first attach three things to the steed namely the headstall, the pad, and the surcingle. When that is done, one may or may not put horse boots or leg wrappings.

After that, get the chambon and place it on the surcingle. Now for those who do not know what a chambon is, it is a strap that can either be put tight or loose. However, do not make it too tight or too loose as both will not be beneficial to the horse.

After that, take the rubber neck extender and start attaching it somewhere to the rear of the animal and place it on both sides. The neck extender is to be placed near the hocks, which is the part of the horse that is located somewhere near his two hind legs. Doing this will allow it to get used to moving in low and long strides instead of high ones.

After finishing these steps, then one can now bring his steed to the lunging place in order to start the official training. Now in order to start, the trainer has to first let the horse move forward at its fastest pace. When the horse starts out, the trainer has to make sure that it starts slowly by moving around in a circle.

As the horse gradually gets stronger and stronger, the trainer may increase the strain if he feels like it. Now what makes this system interesting is that it can help that the steed still have a proper posture. The two parts that will be able to help the horse with this would be the neck extender and the chambon as these are the parts that are attached near the neck to the feet area.

So for those who do not know, this is how the pessoa system training program for horses work. This is actually a specific training program that has been tailor made for those horses that are meant to pull the carriages. It will give them enough strength that will allow them to take the hard work of pulling the carriage.

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How A Pessoa Training System Works

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