When Treated By A Spine Doctor Houston Residents Do Not Risk Complications

By Mary Brooks
The body is a miraculous machine but malfunctions do occur, mostly through unhealthy habits. When the body wants to make it clear that there is a problem it sends the signal through pain, numbness and other manifestations. Pain, however, is not always experienced at the same place where the problem exist. Headaches, for example, may originate from many different sources. This make diagnosis very difficult. However, when seeing a spine doctor Houston residents often report immediate and almost miraculous results.

Physicians that focus on backbone are called chiropractors. They certainly see many patients that complain of back pain but it is the backbone that is their main interest. They believe that many types of pain originate in a backbone where the vertebrae is out of alignment. The solution is to make sure that the backbone is perfectly aligned. Chiropractors are not always medical doctors and their field is officially viewed as alternative medicine.

It is not only back pain sufferers that benefit from chiropractic treatment. Chiropractors routinely treat patients complaining of headaches, neck pain, stiff joints and muscle injuries. They are especially popular with sportsmen that sustain injuries such as damaged tendons and torn muscles. Chiropractors do not view traditional medicine in a negative light and often work with medical doctors in order to make sure the patient receives the most appropriate treatment. A large number of chiropractors are also qualified doctors themselves.

The alignment of the backbone is central to the theories underpinning chiropractic treatment. When the vertebrae are not properly aligned the ventral nervous system is compromised. This in turn weakens the immune system. Therefore, as soon as the vertebrae are aligned again the nervous system will function normally and the immune system will be able to do its work. This will cause the patient to heal naturally and the pain will dissipate.

Chiropractors have more than a hundred different treatment options, all aiming at aligning the backbone. In severe cases it is necessary to physically manipulate each vertebra into its proper place. In many other cases all it takes is to do a professional massage or to use cold and hot packs on the backbone. At worst, the treatment may cause a short period of mild discomfort.

There have been numerous studies on the benefits and potential dangers of chiropractic treatment. No potential dangers have ever been found. Chiropractic treatment is never invasive so there is no chance of complications such as infection to develop. Chiropractors also never use drugs which means that patients will never experience negative side effects. Every study have declared chiropractic treatment to be safe and effective and medical insurance companies pay for the treatment.

Because practitioners believe that many diseases and pain conditions are cause by an unaligned backbone, they go to some lengths to teach their patients how to prevent misalignment. This can be achieved by regularly doing exercises such as walking and swimming, by maintaining a good posture, by using a quality mattress and by stretching frequently. In some cases it may even be necessary to make some dietary changes.

Chiropractors enjoy a very high success rate and more than ninety per cent of their clients day that they are completely satisfied with the results. It is not uncommon for patients to see a chiropractor before they will consider consulting a medical doctor. The fact that the treatment is not invasive is also a big plus for most patients.

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When Treated By A Spine Doctor Houston Residents Do Not Risk Complications

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