Advantages Of Using Soy Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

By Esther Dorn
Soy products have been known for reducing weight. However for the product to be effective one needs to select the best soy shake that supplies the body with the recommended quantity. Since such shakes are just protein powders which are mixed with milk or water, using the following types of Soy Protein Shakes For Menopause Relief will help lose some pounds.

The most commonly and highly used soy shake usually is the whey. This is because it is cheaper compared to other products. Studies have shown that the whey shake are commonly used by athletes as a weight loss remedy. Despite the product being affordable and readily available, it is rich in minerals and vitamins which help in repairing muscles during post strength session. One can achieve optimal results by consuming the shake two hours prior to the exercise.

Since the soy powder is extracted from the soy plant which is high in estrogen it lowers the level of fertility among men by reducing the testosterone hormone. Also men who used such shakes as a weight loss remedy had enlarged breasts compared to their counterparts. Men should be aware of these effects before they use the protein shake.

Soy basically is known for building strong body muscles, however when consumed in adequate amount the products can spike blood sugar levels which lead to more cravings. This helps reduce excessive consumption of food thus reducing the quantity as well as maintaining a healthy body. During strenuous activities, there are chances of increased burning of calories. Consuming a lot of this substance without doing enough exercise will lead to reduced muscle mass since the body uses the required lean tissue to fuel itself.

Since a soy shake is basically a powdered protein such as whey or soy consuming it on daily basis on the right amount can help reduce the level of Ghrelin which is a hunger stimulating hormone. This reduces ones appetite thus forcing the body to use the available energy. In the long run the body fat is burned slowly leading to weight loss.

Due to high concentration of estrogen, soy usually increase the cholesterol levels in the body. This in turn leads to heart attacks and increased blood sugar levels. Consuming high amounts of proteins especially soy can lower the immune system due to the fact that the product inhibits absorption of minerals to the body. Deficiency of minerals like calcium can lead to weak joints and bone fractures. Also having low levels of zinc can expose one to high anxiety levels which are hard to manage.

Usually the protein in this mixture is not the one that helps reduce fat content but rather helps one reduce their quantity of food intake. This is how the soy shakes usually achieve their purpose. On the other hand, apart from weight loss soy mixture has been used to reduce menopause symptoms in women.

Soy shakes normally come in several varieties for consumers to choose from. Before choosing, one must read carefully the ingredients used in the powder in order to reduce allergic reactions that may arise during the process. Before going on this shakes one must liaise with a doctor for examination to ensure the right selection has been done for them for optimal results.

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Advantages Of Using Soy Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

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