Low Back Pain Doctor And Its Importance To Patient

By Charles Powell
This pain has been considered as being universal based on human experiences. This would mean that almost all people have it in some point. It is the part which is called as the lumbar region, starting from the ribcage below. There is a big possibility for a person to be feeling an intense pain which can be one main cause of missed works. But fortunately, there are now a lot of effective ways for treatment.

Some symptoms of this would include dull aches, a stabbing or a shooting sensation. With this, a person may have a hard time moving or standing up. An acute back pain may often comes right after experiencing some injuries due to heavy lifting or sports. If this will last for a few months already, it can now be considered as chronic. And even if already last for at least 72 hours, consult a back pain doctor Houston immediately.

After being injured, consult the health care professional immediately to avoid further complications. There are also other symptoms of this such as fever, loss of bowel and bladder control, coughing or urinating pains, and leg weakness. Experiencing one or even more of the symptoms is recommended to contact immediately a doctor.

The causes can be of different types. These may either be because of your workout, sciatica or a muscle strain, posture, job, herniated disc, bag, or some common chronic conditions like spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, and spondylitis. Typically, this type of disease starts to occur when a person reaches 30. For these people, it may be caused by being overweight, jobs involving heavy lifts, and inactive lifestyle.

When consulting to your doctor, make sure that you are being specific when it comes to describing what type of pain you have been feeling. Talk about when you started to feel it, the symptoms, and if some chronic conditions were experienced in the past. The doctor may possibly order MRI scans, CT scans or X rays for looking the damaged discs, spine injuries, or bones.

Aside from consulting to a doctor, some treatments can also be done. Home or do it yourself treatments may also be considered effective. Muscle strains often get better by its own. However you can also make it feel better and comfortable through using heating pads or having warm baths to help relieve hurt temporarily.

When you hurt your back, getting out of bed will surely be difficult for you. If the problem is your muscles, doctors will recommend you to return those normal activities you do right away. In some studies, it has been stated that bed rests for one day or more cannot help in treating but making it worse instead. And the result would be a reduced muscle tone and flexibility.

There are also some evidences that doing yoga could be very much helpful. Recent studies have shown that symptoms become fewer with 12 session in yoga classes compared to other people applying those common treatments. And thus, stretching is being considered as one best treatment.

Some mild back pains usually feel better with the use of over the counter drugs such as pain relievers. Examples of these are ibuprofen, naproxen, or acetaminophen. Relieving creams are being used as well by some for their muscle aches. However, in spite of all these useful treatments, consulting to licensed specialists in Houston, TX would still be the best option.

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Low Back Pain Doctor And Its Importance To Patient

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