A Few Simple And Easy Low Glycemic Index Recipes

By Nancy Sullivan
High glycemic index food boost your energy fast, while low GI foods need more time to be processed, and make you lose weight faster. In Boston MA you will certainly find specialists in this particular area of nutrition, and here you will find some interesting and easy to prepare low glycemic index recipes that might be a good start in your quest for a perfect body weight.

Foods that have a low glycemic index are digested for longer, so you do not feel hungry for a long time, yet you have enough energy to carry out your daily duties. In contrast, foods with high GI quickly increase blood sugar levels because they are digesting very quickly, but that energy does not last long, so you will quickly get hungry.

Sweets, juices, potatoes and white flour, sugar and similar products have high GI. High-fiber foods, whole grains, fresh vegetables, but also olive oil, nuts and similar foods have low levels of GI, suppress hunger, and provide enough energy to last longer. This means that your body uses energy to digest these foods, so you can also regulate your body weight.

Some foods, such as olive oil, or different tasty nuts, contain high energy levels, but low glycemic index. If you are concerned about your weight, you should not consume too much of them, but may include small amounts in your diet. These foods will make your meals tastier, and thanks to their low GI, they will make you full, and you won’t be hungry.

Here is one easy to prepare recipe, really tasty and refreshing. Simply slice zucchinis and eggplants, season the slices with pepper and salt and grill them. In one bowl combine salt, cottage cheese, yogurt and chopped garlic. Spread this mixture on slices, roll them up and sprinkle them with good quality olive oil. These rolls taste great with fresh tomatoes, red peppers and cucumbers, one really great summer dinner.

Pasta made from whole grains with tomato sauce and garlic is a very simple dish you will prepare quickly. Cut a few garlic cloves and fry them on olive oil. Add chopped pelati tomatoes from the can, several chopped dried tomatoes, chopped olives, capers, little oregano and crushed anchovies. Add salt, pepper and chili and pour sauce over cooked pasta.

Brown rice is always a very good choice when it comes to a low GI products. When it is combined with chicken breasts, it’s even better. So, make thin stripes of onion, chicken breasts, different colored peppers, mushrooms, garlic, zucchini and carrots. Fry the meat and vegetables in olive oil, add some lemon juice, add soy sauce and combine with cooked brown rice.

Light and tasty dessert can be easily made. Select a few apples, remove the cores and prepare the filling. Make a snow of a one egg white and two little spoons of honey. Add the same quantity of cinnamon and stevia, and one hundred grams of walnuts, preferably ground. You can add rum or vanilla in the filling. Fill and bake your apples and enjoy.

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A Few Simple And Easy Low Glycemic Index Recipes

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