Factors That Can Cause Arthritis

By Anthony Martin
Bone inflammation is a condition that manifests when one or more joints in the body experience stiffness and pains. This condition, also known as arthritis, is known to affect about 50 million people in America, who have been predisposed to the problem by several factors ranging from the modifiable ones to the non-modifiable ones. Some modifiable risk factors of this problem include physical inactivity, diet, obesity, smoking, occupation and joint injuries. Among the non-modifiable risk factors are hereditary, hormones, sex, and age.

The problem with this condition is that it affects the bones. The bones are protected with something called the cartilage, but this protective layer wears out as one ages. This means that the older people get, the likelier the chance for the bones at the joints to be exposed to each other.

Being a male or a female also says a lot about one’s likeliness of having this bone inflammation. It has been discovered that more women have it than men. Statistics say that 64% of women have it more than the men. Of all the types of bone stiffness and inflammation that exist, only Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and gout are more common in men. The other forms of this condition are more pronounced in women.

One should also consider hormones when trying to determine the likely causes of this problem. There are certain hormones in the body which make it more pronounced in the females than in males. These hormones affect it to the point that one can say that 70 out of every affected patient will be women having the rheumatoid type. In other words, fewer men are affected by the hormones that can cause this condition.

Another cause of the rheumatoid type is the gene known as human leukocyte antigen (HLA). This suggests that one’s likeliness of having the problem is pronounced if it can be proved that either one or both of the parents suffered from the condition. Since a person cannot control the existence of genes in the body, other factors, such as the modifiable ones, must be controlled to such an extent as to balance the effect of the natural ones.

The modifiable risk factors are those factors that individuals can control. For example, a person may choose to be inactive or not in order to control the risk of having joint pain. When people in Russellville AR engage in sedentary lifestyles, their joints become stiffer and the pains can increase with time. It is therefore important to engage in physical activities to reduce the likeliness of having this problem.

One also has to take note of the food that is taken. Some foods increase the chances of having this sickness than others. For example, foods containing a lot of sodium salts will do nobody any good if the intention is to prevent this condition. Instead, bananas and taking a lot of water should be rather encouraged.

Smoking is also bad for the bones. It makes the condition to get worse and retards the healing processes of the bones. Even though the exact way this happens is not yet known, scientists are quite convinced that smoking does not help people with bone problems. It is therefore advisable to quit smoking in order to remain healthy.

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Factors That Can Cause Arthritis

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